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A book of family photographs

Sometime in 2012, I became aware of a collection of old family photographs that had once belonged to my paternal grandparents. It was by then in the possession of an aunt, who, thanks to her interest in our family's history, had become the inheritor of such things. She kindly allowed me to borrow the collection later that year.

The photographs absorbed me. I instantly felt compelled to do something with them — to honor my grandparents in some way, and to share the photographs with family and friends who might not otherwise have the opportunity to see them. A book seemed a great way to accomplish these ambitions. Shovan/Richardson — a limited hardcover edition printed for and given only to family — was the result. I designed and printed the book through Artifact Uprising.

Each photograph was individually scanned, front and back, and documented, so that I was sure to get the names, dates and chronology somewhat accurate. I then processed the photos. Even though I loved the authentic look of the originals, I decided to give them all a similar treatment and tone for the book. This took a long time, but the process forced me to get close to each image and to the story each portrayed.


Created in the autumn of 2012
Out of print