Todd Richardson

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Massachusetts, US
b. 1977


2017 / 2016 / 2015 / 2014 / 2013

Floating Body, Worried Mind
A book of poems


Floating Body, Worried Mind is my second book of original poems (following Impossible River, which was published in 2015). The book was published on my own imprint, Low Light, in 2018.


Paperback, 84 pages
ISBN-13: 9780692137246
ISBN-10: 0692137246

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Front and Back Cover


“I don't need much food to live”

I don’t need much food to live
I consume cracked leaves in autumn
and the buzzing of a passing day
in summer haze
I drink the salty spray from the swells of the sea
polishing its rocks
and sink my teeth in your memory —
the pulse of your heart in the walls
of my skull
The sound of your question
put to the world

“The first day”

The train approaches the
wall of unwashed bricks
I get on
goodbye green sign
by the window very quick

Later I step off
into the hot city street
wearing a light suit
and dark tie
everyone in a dark suit and
light tie

“City office building”

The doors of the elevator slide open. The hallway is without light save for the light of what is no longer there.